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VXi OmniCordô Direct Connection

VXi OmniCordô Direct Connection

OmniCordô is the one-piece replacement for the conventional audio booster/adapter cord combination. Compatible with virtually all telephone systems, OmniCordô provides additional microphone gain when needed, while simplifying headset setup and reducing desktop clutter.

Three versions are available, for use with major headset brands.

Target Applications
OmniCordô is designed for any application environment that currently uses headsets. Offices, contact centers and home offices can all benefit from OmniCord's simplicity and universal compatibility.

OmniCordô. One cord does it all.

  • Microphone booster and adapter in one cord.
  • Three-position compatibility switch works with most phone types.
  • Eight-position audio booster provides extra transmit when needed.
  • Three versions (V, G and P) for use with major headset brands.
  • One-year warranty.

VXi OmniCordô (V)$30.00Add to Cart
VXi OmniCordô (G)$30.00Add to Cart
VXi OmniCordô (P)$30.00Add to Cart

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